Wood Keycard



Environmentally friendly wooden cards are made of natural wooden materials, producing an effect of natural beauty. Compared to PVC, plastic, metal, and rubber products, wooden cards produce no pollution.


Exquisite and durable

Wood is the longest sustainable natural material in the world, and during the processing of wood, it only generates carbon dioxide and does not pollute the air. Therefore, wood products have good environmental protection characteristics. The wooden card also retains the original grain, color and other characteristics of the wood, with pleasing vision, touch and high-end temperament. In addition, wood processing energy consumption is also small compared to other materials.

Demanded and fashion

With the increasing awareness of environmental protection, customers gradually increase their demand for products that are both environmentally friendly and practical. In the field of smart keycards, wood products have become a fashion.





Read-write chip

Read and write time

1 ~ 2ms

Working frequency

high frequency radio frequency

Working frequency

high frequency radio frequency


Custom design

Power supply mode

Passive chip

Induction distance


Storage capacity


Card surface

carving, hollowing out, silk screen, four-color printing, etc.


85.6mm *54 mm (or customized dimension)

Working temperature

15-50 ℃

Erasing life

100,000 times

Reading and writing method



hotels, apartments, etc.


Wooden Engraving Card:

Using high-precision digital laser equipment, with laser as the medium, we can engraving according to the customer’s manuscript or pattern, and then we can make corresponding documents. The engraving content can be text, figures, landscapes, symbols, etc.

Wooden Silk Screen:

According to the artwork provided by the client, cards can be customized through silk-screening. Different patterns, texts, and colors can all be silk- screened.

Wooden Four-color (Embossed) Printing Card:

For artworks that have gradient colors such as complex patterns and texts, the UV four-color printing method can produce different shades. This allows for multilevel artworks to be displayed.

Cutting / Hollowing:

Another unique customization method is cutting/ hollowing. By using a high-precision laser, the wooden cards can be cut into various shapes.